An Integrated compliance management platform to empower every organisation to ensure compliance across regulatory, taxation, finance, labor, secretarial, quality, maintenance, EHS, commercial & industry specific requirements and stay ahead of emerging risks.

AuditVista lets your team collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, identify failed areas and get problems resolved with easy-to-use smart checklists through Web & MobileAPPs.

AuditVista saves time, increase visibility and improve vendor relationships with streamlined vendor and third-party risk management that automates checklists and assessments, eliminating labor- intensive internal tasks.



Manage Audit

  • Create your own audit/inspection checklists and allot scores at parameter level
  • Save them as templates
  • Schedule & publish audits/inspection to respective users


  • Cloud based dedicated mobile app & web application
  • Upload photos directly from camera with automatic time & location stamp
  • Option to enter ‘action plans’ for parameters that are non-conformant

Review/Supervise Audit

  • Optional workflow to review submitted audit/inspection
  • Approve or reject at parameter level
  • Final scores/conformance/non-conformance calculated based on approval/rejection

Reports & Visualisation

  • Audit Status
  • Consolidated & parameter level Scores
  • Monitor compliance & non-compliance
  • Identify gaps
  • Track history of compliance & non-compliance


  • Manage organization wide risks/compliance/inspection under single platform
  • Complete audit lifecycle management from planning, data capture, review, approval, reports & visualisation
  • Access online (PC & Mobile App) & offline (Mobile App only)
  • Cloud-Based, Mobile & PC enabled
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Better visibility enables quicker decision making
How it Works?

How it Works?



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